Saturday, 18 August 2012

Aimon and Asa week 1

Gosh it's difficult posting something here using a tablet or mobile phone. errors are hard to correct and I've had absolutely no luck uploading photos despite many attempts.

Already it's been a week since Aimon and Asa were born. What troopers they are!  They are consuming 50-60ml every 2.5 hours or so and sometimes they sleep at the same time! On their second night I managed to get to bed at 6am!

It's amazing how different their characters are, noticeable as early as day 1.  One is a sook who demands cuddles while the othe is far more calm and patient until he's hungry.  Then all hell breaks loose!  I utterly, utterly adore these little chappies!

The paperwork side is not moving as fast as I'd like. Am getting concerned about how long it takes to get birth certificates. I've lodged all the required paperwork  at the government office but am hearing it can take weeks,  No one at the office spoke English so I'm none the wiser.  Does anyone know? Do I need to engage a lawyer to speed things up? Any other tips? Can't proceed with much else til they're received.  At least the boys have had their DNA swabs taken and that process is happening.

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